bespeco is situated in Ancona Italy and since 1982 have been manufacturing accessories for musical instruments and exports its products all around the world. Our wide range of items is made up of Metal, Flight Cases & Bags, Cables, Connectors, Electronics, Audio Systems, Lighting, Silos, Bags, Microphones, Home-Soho design, Sportswear, DJ Gear.

It is the function of bespeco to ensure planning and development of new ideas to help the musician in his profession.
Our knowledge, experience, italian style, skilled technicians together with the choice of good quality material, enabled bespeco to manufacture new products like the third generation keyboard stands, logic style metal stands, adjustable Genius throne, new guitar cases Tanit Anticrash and the new amplifiers Blast.
Our new ideas, brought a complete revolution on the market and this is reflected in our motto: "bespeco useful imagination".

Our strategies have proved to be effective and led us to new sophisticated equipment and factory expansion. Our skilled staff enabled us to launch new innovative products both in design & technology.

While other companies tend to turn to foreign companies for the purchase of spare parts, raw materials and labour, bespeco has strongly believed in producing goods internally; a bet that although has cost great effort and sometimes even some disappointments, we are now reaping the rewards.

The will of achieving the utmost in everything, bespeco in order to have a constant improvement does the quality control on all production. Our 'In House' production keeps alive the MADE IN ITALY quality one would expect when owning a Bespeco Item.

Now bespeco is relaunching its challenge with a new line of products in the Audio Systems, Video and Electrical fields, which, as always, stand out for innovation and functionality.


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