Kapok Guitars are the branded products of GUANGZHOU KAPOK GUITAR CO.,LTD.in the
production of high quality, high value acoustic guitars, acoustic guitars of EQ and electric
guitars for more than fifty years.
With two factories, a lot of advanced equipment to improve the technology, Kapok Guitars are gaining increasing recognition in global markets.

Our Group make a point of improving in design, innovation, production and strict quality control.
To achieve these goals, kapok has got the talents of technicians, engineers and consultants
from the US, Germany, and Japan. Today this improvement to quality enhancement and high
value has made Kapok to be one of the leading firms producing musical instruments in China
and got Guangdong first "famous product" in 2003.

The focus of Kapok is and will continue to be improvement in the art and technology of guitar
making to a world class standard, while keeping the same reputation for value, which are also
gaining increasing recognition in global markets, such as the US Europe etc and Japan,etc.
In this catalogue you will find a good representation of Kapok Guitars. We hope it will help
you in selecting the instrument of your choice.

For additional information about Kapok products, please visit our web site at www. kapokguitars. com.cn


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