Since 1977, Phonic has been designing and manufacturing high performance professional audio products. We bring you versatile, more affordable digital mixers, robust, third-party certified audio analyzers, higher fidelity speakers with more reach, and these are only a few of the hundreds of products from our portfolio.

Low profile but high performance

We don’t spend money on fancy advertisements, over the top packaging or marketing consultants but the frugalness stops there. One thing Phonic splurges on is our products. Phonic continuously invests in the latest technology, efficient product designs, dependable build quality and long term reliability. Today, while most companies seek to cut costs by outsourcing, we manufacture our products in 100% owned, ISO-certified factories to ensure oversight on everything from components to quality control.

Getting involved

Phonic's global sales force and distribution partners are strategically located with offices in almost every country. Wherever you are, Phonic is sure to be there. Go to our "Where to Buy?" page for an up to date distributor listing.

Talk to us

If you want a product that you don’t see in our general catalog, let us know at With our core team of senior engineers’ combined industry experience of 275 years, there’s nothing we can’t do.


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