CR5 - Amplifier - 2x 250w @ 4 Ohms YORKVILLE
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CR5 - Amplifier - 2x 250w @ 4 Ohms YORKVILLE

Τελικός ενισχυτής 250Wx2@4Ω, 170Wx2@8Ω, 525W@8Ω bridged, απόκριση 30Hz-20KHz. Προστασία dc offset, υπερφόρτωσης, κύκλωμα θερμικής προστασίας, ενσωματωμένο peak limiter. Είσοδοι XLR-1/4`` combi jack & Barrier Strip.
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CR5 - Amplifier - 2x 250w @ 4 Ohms

The CR5 features 250 watts per side at 4 Ohms in a rugged three rack space package. The quiet, passively cooled CR5 delivers professional quality at a surprisingly affordable price. Controls are well thought out and include rear-mounted, (unobtrusive and tamper resistant) dB-calibrated individual channel gain controls, switches for the defeatable limiter and stereo/mono/bridge mode operation. All connectors are located on the back panel including touch proof binding post and 1/4" phone outputs, precision balanced 1/4" TRS / XLR combi connector inputs as well as barrier strip inputs. A rear mounted circuit breaker and front-panel mounted AC power switch are also provided. All CR-Series amplifiers also include separate power and dual-purpose clip/protect LED’s.

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