Micro EQ System     L.R. Bagg

Micro EQ System L.R. Bagg

Micro EQ System™ .090" or .120", Onboard Preamp with 2-Band EQ, RT Pickup
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  • L.R. BAGGS
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  LR Baggs' undersaddle transducer is now available in an onboard retrofit system, with a class A onboard preamp/EQ that features volume, treble, bass, notch filter, and phase inversion controls. This system is designed to directly upgrade many factory-installed systems, such as those found on Martin and Taylor guitars, with no additional cutting or soldering required (for direct retrofits). The element boasts impressive body sensitivity and articulation, and has the most dynamic range of any undersaddle pickup. The preamp's all-discrete circuitry is based on the award-winning Para D.I. and is specially voiced for the element.
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