RT System L.R. Baggs

RT System L.R. Baggs

Σύστημα για ακουστική κιθάρα περιλαμβάνει προενίσχυση πιεζοκρύσταλλο και jack
  • 0010520
  • Ακουστικής-Κλασσικής
  • L.R. BAGGS
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The audiophile approach to electrifying your acoustic instrument!

The RT System pairs the ribbon transducer with a dedicated, pre-contoured, all-discrete, class A preamp that mounts unobtrusively on the inside of the guitar to deliver optimum performance from the transducer. The RT System supports use of L.R. Baggs' optional Remote Control accessory (special order item #307165), making it a good choice for players who want to use the Ribbon Transducer and the Remote Control to provide onboard volume and bass controls. This accessory plugs into the preamp and mounts nondestructively onto the edge of the soundhole, without the need to cut any holes in your guitar for knobs.

The Ribbon Transducer preamp utilizes purist audiophile circuitry that is usually reserved for the finest mic preamps and recording desks in the world. With its 100% discrete circuitry, pure Class A operation, no neg

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