Para Acoustic DI     L.R.Baggs
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Para Acoustic DI L.R.Baggs

To Para Acoustic D.I είναι ένας ενισχυτής και DI στουντιακής ποιότητας με 5 μπάντες equalizer (2 παραμετρικά), ρυθμιζόμενη ευαισθησία και αντιστροφή φάσης
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  • DI
  • L.R. BAGGS
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The Para DI is a studio quality direct box, featuring a five-band equalizer with tunable notch and midrange controls, adjustable gain and phase inversion. Our proprietary Quasi-Passive EQ circuitry is totally transparent and allows control over voicing without sacrificing tone -- a big advance over conventional equalizers. In short, the Para DI Is engineered to bring out the best in any pickup.


• Discrete pure class A FET input for audiophile-quality sound and
very low noise
• 5 Band EQ controls include treble, presence and bass controls,
along with tunable notch filter and sweepable mid EQ with 2
octave range
• Phase inversion switch for increased feedback control
• Proprietary Quasi-Passive EQ places synthesized passive EQ
circuitry in a parallel side-chain with main signal for control of
instrument voicing without sacrificing tonal purity

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